10.13 Beacon

Hi all!!

I’m so happy today! First because I’m posting these wonderful Clark shots, of course, but also because of the magical Sion promo stills we got earlier. *sighs* I can’t wait to watch this episode.

Now, on to business!! ;D The only thing bugged me about Beacon was that it was somewhat light on Clark (And by that I mean that I want Tom’ screen time to be one full hour: no commercials or anything else allowed. Well, maybe a good Clois shot, but that’s about it!! LOL) Just kidding (or not).

Anyways, I managed to capture a lot of great pictures, focusing mostly on his charming (and oh so bewitching) smile. That smirk has me grinning like an idiot for hours, even when I’m not actually looking at the pictures O_o Then there is “the shirt”. That amazing piece on clothing he wore, so perfectly fitted to his chest and abdomen, at his house during the VRA voting. Heaven on Earth!! *fans self*

Here is to another fantastic episode that made me scream, laugh, cry, drool, and left me wanting more. BTW Smallville fans are AWESOME!!

Watch the screen shots slideshow here: Clark Kent in Beacon Video

If you want to see or save the whole lot of screen shots… be my guest: Clark Kent in Beacon Album

And of course these are some my favorite shots (click to enlarge). Enjoy!!

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